The travel and tourism industry plays an increasingly vital role in the economic growth across the world. Utilizing your local Convention Visitors Bureau (CVB) or Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) can be a crucial part of planning a successful event, meeting or conference.

CVB’s vary in size, which is why some services available to meeting planners may vary from each destination. Most CVB’s promote long-term development and marketing of a destination, focusing on convention sales, tourism marketing and service. The CVB represents more than just one property and is able to promote the entire destination to planners. The CVB represent the hotels, facilities, attractions, restaurants and other partners among your destination. Always think out of the box to maximize your relationship with a CVB.

At the start of your planning process, choose a destination that is willing to partner with you 100 percent throughout the site investigation, bidding and marketing process. When choosing a destination, make sure you feel comfortable with the initial communication. Communication is key and the CVB will be your main point of contact throughout your entire process. The CVB will attempt to meet your requests to the best of their ability.

Once you send the CVB your RFP for review, they will be able to share with you which suppliers have the availability for your conference requirements. If you need to bend the rules, ask the CVB if it’s possible. Most planners don’t realize that the services the CVB’s offer are free and they are here to support your event to the fullest in hopes of the best experience.

CVB’s work hard to promote their destination by providing social media marketing, media services, swag bags, housing services, transportation, staffing and registration, planning events around an event and much more. The CVB should understand your attendees and ensure there is no conflict of interest, which will make for a smooth operation. Early on, set a meeting up with your CVB and all of the key players who will be involved in the planning and marketing process. This will ensure that all of the individuals involved will meet each other and brainstorm ideas to make the event successful.

If you are still undecided on a destination, many CVB’s keep a profile of references or testimonials that they are willing to share with you. These testimonials will give you great insight of the CVB and destination, which in conclusion will give you confidence in your decision making. 

CVB’s are your number one fans. They want your meeting or event to succeed, which is an all-around win for the destination and the economy. If you have a successful meeting or event, the CVB has done its job to the fullest potential and the destinations partners worked collaboratively together. The repeat of business motivates CVB’s to work hard on a daily basis and to end with a happy meeting planner because in the end it’s all about the experience and relationships that were formed.