Atlantic City Film Commission Tax Incentive

Atlantic City has become a magnet for filmmakers thanks to its renowned filming locations and exceptional tax incentives. Its picturesque beaches, iconic boardwalk, and captivating cityscape offer a perfect backdrop for film and TV. Beyond the many locales to choose from, productions benefit from New Jersey's film tax credit program, waived permit fees, and the Atlantic City Film Commission. With their invaluable support, filmmakers can seamlessly bring their projects to life while staying within budget.

New Jersey Film Tax Credit Program

Qualified film and digital media productions can receive a tax credit of up to 35% through the NJ Film Tax Credit program. Plus, a 2% credit if they prioritize hiring women and minorities for important creative roles and crew positions.

Projects eligible for the NJ film tax credit:

  • Feature films and television series or shows targeting a national audience, with a minimum duration of 22 minutes. Additionally, TV shows produced at nonprofit arts and cultural venues that receive state funding are also eligible, whether for a national or regional audience.

To be eligible for the NJ film tax credit, productions must meet one of the following:

  • The production must spend 60% of the total film production expenses (excluding post-production costs) on services and goods obtained from vendors authorized to conduct business in New Jersey. 
  • The total qualified film production expenses incurred in New Jersey must exceed $1 million.

From Atlantic City's iconic locations to its tax incentives, filmmakers have many reasons to choose this destination as their next filming locale.