Discover the diverse array of Black-owned businesses that thrive in Atlantic City, each embodying a dynamic of creativity, resilience, and community spirit. From boutique fashion outlets to unique experiences, these businesses enrich the city’s cultural landscape with diversity and innovation. Every purchase or dining experience at a Black-owned enterprise is a direct investment in the thriving Black community. Join us as we explore and celebrate their contributions to our seaside destination.


See Me Glow

Dedicated to skincare excellence, See Me Glow stands out as a beacon of beauty in Atlantic City. This Black-owned business offers a range of skincare products formulated to nourish and revitalize all skin types. With a focus on natural ingredients and empowerment, See Me Glow promotes self-confidence through glowing, healthy skin. Whether you're seeking a luxurious serum or a rejuvenating mask, See Me Glow has you covered.

See Me Glow

Freedom City Bike Club

Pedal through Atlantic City's 48 blocks and discover its iconic charm with Freedom City Bike Club. This Black-owned business offers guided bike tours, allowing cyclists of all levels to explore the city's historic landmarks, diverse neighborhoods, and scenic routes. With a blend of adventure and community engagement, a tour with Freedom City Bike Club promises an unforgettable experience on two wheels.

Freedom Bike Rentals

Swaps AC

If you're a fan of unique finds and thrifty shopping, Swapz AC is the place to be. This boutique offers a curated selection of vintage and designer clothing, accessories, and unique treasures that celebrate individuality and style. Swapz AC provides a platform for local artists, designers, and entrepreneurs to showcase their talent and creativity. Whether you're hunting for one-of-a-kind fashion pieces or simply browsing for inspiration, a visit to Swapz AC promises a delightful shopping experience that supports both small businesses and sustainable fashion practices.

Swapz AC

House of BAV | BK Style 

Indulge in a fusion of fashion and culture at House of BAV | BK Style. Located in Tanger Outlets Atlantic City, this Black-owned boutique offers a selection of sustainable apparel, accessories, and home decor, inspired by the vibrant spirit of Brooklyn and beyond. With a focus on inclusivity and self-expression, House of BAV | BK Style invites customers to embrace their unique sense of style and celebrate their heritage.

House of BAV | BK Style

Black-Owned Restaurants

Dine at one of Atlantic City’s Black-owned eateries for a delicious culinary experience like no other. From southern classics to vegan delights, Atlantic City has an eclectic palette for your next visit.


These Black-owned businesses in Atlantic City not only enrich the local economy but also celebrate diversity, creativity, and community. Whether you're indulging in self-care, exploring the city, or refreshing your wardrobe, be sure to support these establishments and experience the richness they bring to Atlantic City's cultural landscape.